Click on Graves-by-Name_1.15.21 to see an alphabetical list of the graves. Click on Cemetery_1-15-21  to download a plan of the cemetery. The list and plan are also available in hard copy at the entry of the cemetery for your convenience. They are housed in a black mailbox that is attached to the fence. Please put the plan back and close the mailbox after use. Thank you!

For inquiries please contact the office.

In case of immediate need please contact Rabbi Silber at (607) 761-7098

Following the decisions taken at the board meeting of  October 19, 2017 the following rules are in effect:

  • The height of gravestones should not exceed 4 feet.
  • No shrubs, trees, etc. to decorate grave sites.
  • Perpetual Care only covers maintenance of the grounds not of the gravestones. Maintenance of the gravestones such as repositioning or cleaning is the responsibility of the families. The cemetery administrator will gladly assist in taking care of the gravestones.