Our congregation attempts to maintain a daily minyan, morning and night. Due to the size of our community, we aren’t always successful. Travelers are eagerly welcomed to join us and help us succeed.are the only congregation in Binghamton that maintains daily minyanim.




New siddurim are here! They feature a new translation, new commentary and a few more changes that make them more appropriate for a modern orthodox congregation such as ours. Some of our existing siddurim that are still in good shape will still be available for use.
We are offering our members and friends the opportunity to become a lasting part of our Synagogue by donating one or more of these new siddurim in honor or in memory of a loved one or friend. Each siddur can be donated for $36.00, and will be labeled on the inside front cover with a special dedication or memorial from you, the giver. This is a special way to make your family’s name a permanent fixture in Beth David from one generation to the next.
Whether you are currently a member or once upon a time you were a close associate with our Shul, we want to keep your family’s name forever in our history.
Please send your check — made payable to Beth David Synagogue — with instructions on what you would like printed inside your siddur.
If you have any questions, or if you would like more information, please call Rabbi Silber at the at his office. Help us inscribe your family name in our Beth David history!