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Annual Dinner 2023

This year the Beth David family was delighted in honoring Dora Polachek with the Jack Ferber Award for her contribution to the Shabbat Luncheons. Over many years she succeeded in inviting speakers from a broad range of Jewish knowledge to our shul to educate and entertain the attendees. Thanks to her the Shabbat luncheons became a monthly event enjoyed by people with a variety of Jewish background and observance.

Dora and Sol Polachek





Annual Dinner, May 2022

After a hiatus of two years due to Covid we were resuming the annual dinner and able to honor a member of our shul with the Jack Ferber Award. This year’s honoree is Charlie Manasse, our Vice-President. His contributions to the shul are numerous ranging from working closely with the president in leading the shul, checking and fixing the eruv, fixing all sorts of machines needed for the upkeep of the building, to organizing Men’s Club breakfasts and working as the acclaimed chef. The Dinner was a joyous event, mainly because all participants delighted in being able to join and celebrate again, but also thanks to the roast by three of Charlie’s friends who remembered his wish expressed two years earlier as a condition for accepting the nomination.

A festive crowd filled the Social Hall


Charlie Manasse, the honoree (r) with Chuck Gilinsky, a close friend.

Setting up for the Roast (Arieh Ullmann, Brendan Byrnes, Chuck Gilinsky)

Reading the Jack Ferber Award plaque


Memorial Day 2020 Men’s Club Breakfast 

The Chef and Chief Organizer

So much work! So much food! So delicious! And so many smiles!

Where were the OU Michelin Star Award Inspectors???

Beth David Dinner 5778

Honoring Rabbi Zev Silber

A happy family with Saba and Savta

Filled to capacity with family, friends and guests from near and far!




Men’s Club Breakfast Chanukah 5778


Charlie — le grand chef…..and
….Chuck, the sous-chef. Is it permissible to do Lechayim with coffee???
Lots of work — yet fun……
Simply delicious!
Great conversations….
No complaints!


…only smiles!
Looking back to 50 years of shared friendship in our beautiful shul on the corner of Riverside Drive and Murray Street…….